Limph Is Monitoring Pingable Hosts


1.9.3 release (minor feature/minor bugfix)here!

Written in PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL for portability, Limph provides both UDP and TCP:port checks of grouped network hosts with email notification. Hosts may be all or partially organized into a dependance tree at your discretion. Limph is completely web-configurable, an advantage over similar applications. SQLite support is included as of version 1.7.

New features include history viewing and maintainance, as well as a new "Collapse Group" feature, to help neaten display of large host groups, and subnetted host discovery and addition.

What's with the name? An explanation:

"Limph, pronounced like the bodily fluid, was so named because, like it's homonym, Limph operates largely behind the scenes, but when something goes wrong, you can bet some evidence will show up there."

New! Check out the online documentation!

Watch the Limph Project Page for instructions, assistance, news, information, and the latest releases as they become available.